Ever dreamt of being part of a brand that sets trends and showcases the latest and greatest? Are you an aspiring individual who has always wanted to step into the events and marketing space? Or do you simply want to mingle with some of the biggest influencers and celebrities in the car world?

Hot Import Nights are accepting applications for a brand new promotions team for our events. This is your chance to learn, grow and be part of something amazing that people will remember for generations to come.

To apply for a position on our promotions team, please read the below Terms and Conditions, fill in the online form, then hit that apply button!

Terms and Conditions

Applicant agree to use his or her best efforts to promote Hot Import Nights Australia diligently, ethically and in compliance with all applicable legal requirements. If accepted, applicant are aware that their promoter duties will require travelling to local events and locations, where they are responsible for informing, handling and distributing marketing material representing Hot Import Nights Australia in the best manner.

Only applicants 18 years old or above will be accepted, those between 14-17 years old must have parental or legal guardian consent.