Constance Nunes is an American born model of Portuguese descent. Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, she is anything but a typical California model. Known for her outspoken personality, rough around the edges demeanor, and get things done attitude, clients find her a refreshingly honest change up in the world of fashion modeling.  Spending her days building muscle cars, like her 1964.5 Ford Mustang, and doing photoshoots for clients such as Bootbarn, Jockey, and Jlux Label. She brings a unique mix of tomboy personality with girlish charm to everything she does. With extensive experience in the print world, she has recently branched into TV with a starring role on the new Netflix series “Car Masters: Rust to Riches”.


Constance has over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. Starting at a young age in her fathers garage and on the drag tracks of LACR, she quickly took interest in muscle cars. Her career began modestly, working on personal builds then quickly expanding by working with more than classics. She went on to work for some of the top dealerships including BMW, Audi, Acura and Ford in the service department and as an aftermarket director. Currently she works with brands such as VP Racing Fuels and 4 Wheel Parts, along with top brands like Audi as a product specialist. She also builds for specialty shops around southern California including CARS Etc, The Shop, Charlie’s Corvettes and Classics and Gotham Garage. Constance continues to expand her knowledge and participation in everything that involves automotives while branching off to start her own mechanical adventures with custom builds and blogging with Cars by Constance. Her passion for the auto industry is apparent not only in her experience, but in her constant drive to offer and receive knowledge in all fields of the auto industry and continued encouragement of all auto enthusiast success. You can watch Constance on the new Netflix series “Car Masters: Rust to Riches”.